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She considers herself a realist painter and has been greatly influenced by the Impressionists. She studied painting at the Art Students’ League, in New York, with Robert Brackman and later at the National Academy of Design and Lyme Academy of Fine arts, studying painting, drawing and sculpture. Her paintings are characterized by her love affair with color and design, and she frequently uses fruits and vegetables as subject matter, although she loves to paint a wide variety of subject matter, including portraits of people and animals.

Her mediums are oil, watercolor, pastel, egg tempera and monotype. Her love of art is reflected by a love of traditional artist materials and techniques although she is familiar with and has great affection for many contemporary artists and their mediums. Her subjects are still life, landscape, symbolic still life paintings, and portraits. She conducts classes and workshops in painting and drawing and sometimes she works with students privately as well. She has exhibited her work widely in New England and more recently in the Tampa Bay area and has had several solo shows, including a 50-year Retrospective of her work in the fall of 2005.

Photography has also been a passion with Gainor for most of her life, from her Brownie Camera to the digital camera revolution. She is seldom more than an arm's length from a camera. She never considered herself a professional photographer, rather photographs were often a means to an end in painting. But recently she has combed her huge photo files and found numerous examples of photographs that stand alone with artistic merit, and some of those photographs have been turned into these cards.

In 2014 she retired as the Art Curator of the Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural center to concentrate on painting, although she is still on the faculty of the Center and teaches painting, drawing and digital photography classes there.

She is a member of many art organizations:

● The Egg Tempera Society

● TESA (The Society of Exhibiting Artists)

● The Monotype Guild of New England (honorary member)

● North Tampa Arts League

● The National League of American Pen Women (art member)

Her paintings and portraits are in many private collections and are represented online in may art venues.

Her paintings may be seen at www.gainor.biz

Contact: gainor@recoverycards.biz


Gainor Roberts moved to Zephyrhills, Florida in 2001 from Rhode Island where she taught painting classes and had a gallery in the small town of Westerly. Art has been a passion with Gainor for most of her life, and she can remember drawing pictures as a toddler and feigning illness to stay home from school and draw pictures all day.

Photo by Bonnie Mullen